State Senator Bo Biteman has proposed a pair of bills targeting doing business with entities that espouse ESG policies.
Focus on three focus areas: On-Screen Content & Social Impact; Workforce & Culture; and Sustainable Production & Operations.
The rest of the media world has rules, why do non profits and government workers get a free pass?
A recent testimony by North Dakota's Top Energy Regulator has many in the state wondering why their tax dollars are paying for oversight from a “oil…
2022 report reaffirms commitment to ESG, including through new targets on People, Workplace, and DEI agendas, and the announcement of a partnership for…
Chairman believes 'We power life' and it goes far beyond the essential service they provide for their customers and communities.
ESG U receives a letter regarding Wolf in Sheep's clothing behavior from the North Dakota Governor, his staff and his actions demonstrating his special…
ESG U receives a letter from a North Dakota land owner who is afraid the state will take his land and give it to a private company.
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